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Solutions for Dreamers

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<span itemprop="name">'''Solutions for Dreamers'''</span> is a [[wikipedia:Santa Barbara, California|Santa Barbara, California]] based movement of [[wikipedia:Environmentally friendly|eco-friendly]] visual and recording artists, non profit organizations and [[wikipedia:Sustainable business|
sustainable-business]] advocates. Dozens of musicians have donated song tracks to ''Solutions for Dreamers'' compilation albums benefiting non-profit organizations such as Heal the Ocean and the [[wikipedia:United Nations|United Nations]] [[wikipedia:World Food Programme|World Food Programme (WFP)]]. The movement was conceived in 2001, with recording artist [[wikipedia:Jack Johnson (musician)|Jack Johnson]] as its earliest patron and advocate. An eco-festival was held on February 24, 2007 with a benefit concert at the [[wikipedia:Arlington Theatre|Arlington Theatre]], coinciding with the release of ''Solutions for Dreamers: Season 2''.<ref name= "SBI Season2"/> Benefiting the WFP, ''Solutions for Dreamers: Season 3'' features an exclusive recording of Duane Stephenson with [[wikipedia:The Wailers Band|The Wailers]], "A Step for Mankind" (2010).<ref name="Billboard season 3"/>