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Alex Sill

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<span itemprop="name">'''Alex Sill'''</span> is a Los Angeles based jazz guitarist.<ref name="BMI 2019">{{cite web | last=Pacent | first=Nina | title=From Carl Jung to Lady Gaga, Jazz Guitarist Alex Sill’s Music Speaks His Mind | | date=2019-05-22 | url= | access-date=2019-06-19|archive-date=2019-06-19|archive-url=}}</ref> He is a member of <span itemprop="memberof">[[Wikipedia:Simon Phillips (drummer)|Simon Phillips' Protocol]]</span>,<ref name="Truth In Shredding">{{cite web | title=Alex Sill, Simon Phillips: Protocol - Announcing the new lineup for 2019! | website=Truth In Shredding | url= | access-date=2019-07-11 | archive-url=| archive-date=2019-07-11}}</ref> the Alex Sill Quintet and the Trifield Guitar Project.<ref name="Vibrato Grill Jazz 2015">{{cite web | title=The Trifield Quintet with Very Special Guest - Lee Ritenour | website=Vibrato Grill Jazz | date=2015-08-16 | url= | access-date=2019-07-11 | archive-url= | archive-date=2019-07-11}}</ref> Sill's early influences include Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Mike Oldfield, and mentor Steve Vai.<ref name="Daily Play MPE 2019">{{cite web | title=Alex Sill - Experiences: Real and Imaginary | website=Daily Play MPE® | date=2019-05-16 | url= | access-date=2019-08-05 | archive-date=2019-08-05 |
}}</ref> Jazz influences include Allan Holdsworth, Steely Dan, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Michael Brecker, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Keith Jarrett.<ref name="BMI 2019"/>