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Daniel Pinder

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'''Daniel Pinder''' is an American actor associated with the skateboarding genre, Pinder's first credited role was the central character, Michael, in "A Material Witness" on NBC's, ''[[Wikipedia:Chicago PD (TV series)|Chicago PD]]'' in 2014.<ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="Hagen 2017 Local Actor"/><ref name="California Herald 2020"/> Since that time Pinder has played supporting roles,<ref name="SensCritique 2018 Dear White People"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="McNary McNary 2018 Sarah"/> and amassed 100,000 social media followers.<ref name="News On Japan"/><ref name="Wiles 2020"/> Pinder is signed to play Kai, with [[wikipedia:jp:Hazuki Kato|Hazuki Kato]],<ref name="News On Japan"/> slated to play Kai's love interest in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, ''Garrison 7: The Fallen''.<ref name="Wiles 2020"/><ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="Euro Weekly News Spain 2020"/>
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