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Daniel Pinder

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| birth_name = Daniel J Pinder
| birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1994|07|08}}<meta itemprop="birthDate" content="1994-07-08" />| birth_place = <span itemprop="birthPlace"> West Point, NY</span>
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| nationality = United States
| occupation = <span itemprop="jobTitle">Actor</span>
| home_town = Fargo, North Dakota
| other_names =
| years_active = 2014 - Present
| known_for = <span itemprop="knowsAbout">Skateboarding expertise</span>
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<div itemscope itemtype="" itemprop="mainEntityOfPage" itemid="{{SERVER}}/wiki/{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}"><span itemprop="description">'''Daniel Pinder''' is an American actor associated with the skateboarding genre, Pinder's first credited role was the central character, Michael, in "A Material Witness" on NBC's, ''[[Wikipedia:Chicago PD (TV series)|Chicago PD]]'' in 2014.<ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="Hagen 2017 Local Actor"/> Since that time Pinder has played supporting roles,<ref name="SensCritique 2018 Dear White People"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="McNary McNary 2018 Sarah"/> and amassed 100,000 social media followers.<ref name="News On Japan"/><ref name="Wiles 2020"/> Pinder is signed to play Kai, with [[Wikipediawikipedia:jp:Hazuki Kato|Hazuki Kato]],<ref name="News On Japan"/> slated to play Kai's love interest in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, ''Garrison 7: The Fallen''.<ref name="Wiles 2020"/><ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="Euro Weekly News Spain 2020"/></span><link itemprop="sameAs" href="" /></div>
Pinder was born at the [[Wikipedia:United States Military Academy|United States Military Academy]] in West Point, NY and was raised in Fargo, North Dakota. Pinder is the younger of two sons, his mother is a homemaker and his father is a Gulf War veteran, his athletic activities include competitive hockey and skateboarding. With no formal acting training at the time of his ''Chicago PD'' audition, he read lines with his mother and studied scenes from films like, "A Few Good Men".<ref name="Hagen 2017 Local Actor"/>
<ref name="Wiles 2020">{{cite web | last=Wiles | first=Matthew | title=When Will We See Daniel Pinder Next? | website=Bigtime Daily | date=2020-03-29 | url= | archive-url= | archive-date=2020-04-08 | url-status=live | access-date=2020-04-08}}</ref>
<!--<ref name="TheNationRoar 2019">{{cite web | title=Daniel Pinder now a part of Action Thriller Movie 'Lincoln Road'. | website=TheNationRoar | date=2019-12-22 | url= | access-date=2020-04-08| archive-url=|archive-date=2020-04-08}}</ref>-->
<ref name=" heraldadmin 2020">{{cite web | author= heraldadmin | title=Garrison 7: The Fallen star Daniel Pinder shares thoughts and prayers for all affected by the coronavirus | | date=2020-04-08 | url= | access-date=2020-04-08 | archive-date=2020-04-08 | archive-url=
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