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Daniel Pinder

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'''Daniel Pinder''' is an American actor associated with the skateboarding genre, Pinder's first credited role was the central character, Michael, in "A Material Witness" on NBC's, ''[[Wikipedia:Chicago PD (TV series)|Chicago PD]]'' in 2014.<ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="Hagen 2017 Local Actor"/> Since that time Pinder has played supporting roles,<ref name="SensCritique 2018 Dear White People"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="McNary McNary 2018 Sarah"/> and amassed 100,000 social media followers.<ref name="News On Japan"/><ref name="Wiles 2020"/> Pinder is signed to play Kai, with [[Wikipedia:jp:Hazuki Kato|Hazuki Kato]],<ref name="News On Japan"/> slated to play Kai's love interest in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, ''Garrison 7: The Fallen''.<ref name="Wiles 2020"/><ref name="Asian Movie Pulse 2019"/><ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/><ref name="Euro Weekly News Spain 2020"/>
| 2015 || [[Wikipedia: We Are Your Friends (film)|''We Are Your Friends'']]<ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/>|| Skater || [[Wikipedia:Max Joseph|Max Joseph]], (Warner Bros.)
|2019|| ''Soul Drift''<ref name="TheNationRoar 2019"/><ref name=" heraldadmin 2020"/>|| Isaiah|| <small>Original title ''Lincoln Road''.</small> <br><small>In production, postponed due to COVID-19.</small>
|2020 ||''Garrison 7: The Fallen''<ref name="CelebMix 2018 Garrison 7 Star"/>|| Kai || Director: Scott Brewer <br/><small>(pre-production)</small>
<ref name="Wiles 2020">{{cite web | last=Wiles | first=Matthew | title=When Will We See Daniel Pinder Next? | website=Bigtime Daily | date=2020-03-29 | url= | archive-url= | archive-date=2020-04-08 | url-status=live | access-date=2020-04-08}}</ref>
<ref name="TheNationRoar 2019">{{cite web | title=Daniel Pinder now a part of Action Thriller Movie 'Lincoln Road'. | website=TheNationRoar | date=2019-12-22 | url= | access-date=2020-04-08| archive-url=|archive-date=2020-04-08
<ref name=" heraldadmin 2020">{{cite web | author= heraldadmin | title=Garrison 7: The Fallen star Daniel Pinder shares thoughts and prayers for all affected by the coronavirus | | date=2020-04-08 | url= | access-date=2020-04-08 | archive-date=2020-04-08 | archive-url=
<small> This work is licensed under a [ Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License].</small>
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