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Get Right (album)

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| artist = [[Wikipedia:Sara Niemietz|Sara Niemietz]]<ref name="Broadcasting and podcasting live talk shows, talk radio and web-tv 2020"/>
| cover = File:Sara-Niemietz-Get-Right.jpg
| alt = Get Right album by Sara Niemietz (2019)
| released = {{Start date|2019|08|22}}
| recorded = Taylor Made Studios <br /> Los Angeles, California
| genre = Pop, jazz, blues
| length = {{Duration|m=20|s=41}}
| language = [[Wikipedia:English language|English]]
| label = Levi Snuff Music <br /> Saranade Music
| producer = [[WikipdeiaWikipedia:Sara Niemietz W. G. Snuffy Walden| W. G. Snuffy Walden]], <br /> [[Wikipedia:Sara Niemietz|Sara Niemietz]]| prev_title = [[Wikipedia:Fountain & Vine|Fountain & Vine]]
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'''''Get Right''''' is Sara Niemietz' third LP. Several songs for the album were written while touring internationally with Postmodern Jukebox,<ref name="ACED Magazine 2019"/> and while headlining her own tour with Snuffy Walden.<ref name="BEONDTV 2019"/> In an interview with [[Wikipedia:Carlos Amezcua |Carlos Amezcua]], for BEONDTV, Niemietz and Walden recalled their first published music-video as a duo, a rendition of Leon Russell's, "A Song For You", in 2010.<ref name="BEONDTV 2019 Walden Niemietz"/><ref name="A Song for You"/> The pair performed, "Made to Last", for the second segment of the interview.<ref name="BEONDTV 2019 Made to Last"/>
With the exception of a live recorded rendition of [[Wikipedia:Roy Orbison |Roy Orbison]]'s "[[Wikipedia:Crying (Roy Orbison song)|Crying]]" (1961), the album is original music. The singles from the album were released as music-video. The music-videos for the songs, "Get Right", "Don't Leave Me Hanging", "Shine" and "On Ten" are animated lyric videos created by Omar Edmundo. The music-video release for "Crying", is video of the original live-studio recording heard on the LP. The Hear Me Now tour included dates in European Union and directly followed the album release in early 2019.<ref name="Voyage LA Magazine 2018"/>
::"The music on 'Get Right' is pop-focused according to Niemietz, but it does incorporate other musical genres. As I listen to the album, I hear some jazz, blues, country and even a little gospel influence as part of the music mix." '''&mdash;David Woodson''', ''DJ Dave's Musical Musings'', April 12, 2019<ref name="DJ Dave's Musical Musings 2019"/>
* Roland Gajate Garcia, percussion
* Loren Gold, vocals
* [[Wikipedia:Herman Matthews |Herman Matthews]], percussion * [[Wikipedia:Sara Niemietz |Sara Niemietz]], guitar - vocals
* Edoardo Tancredi, drums
* [[Wikipedia: |W.G. Snuffy Walden]], guitars
* Mollie Weaver, vocals
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'''Production credits'''<ref>{{AllMusic | id= mw0003300638 | tab= credits | title= Get Right credits}}</ref>
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* [[Wikipedia:Jeff Cohen (songwriter)|Jeff Cohen]], composer
* Dave Donnelly, mastering
* Braverijah Gregg, photography
== See also ==
[[Wikipedia:Sara Niemietz discography |Sara Niemietz discography]]
== References ==
* [ W. G. "Snuffy" Walden]
* [ Taylor Made Studios]
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