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Get Right (album)

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With the exception of a live recorded rendition of [[Roy Orbison]]'s "[[Crying (Roy Orbison song)|Crying]]"(1961), the album is original music. The singles, released as music video, including the title track, "Get Right", "Don't Leave Me Hanging", "Shine" and "On Ten" are animated lyric videos created by Omar Edmundo. The music video release for "Crying" is video of the original live-studio recording heard on the LP. The Hear Me Now tour of the EU directly followed the album release in early 2019.<ref name="Voyage LA Magazine 2018"/>
::"The music on 'Get Right' is pop-focused according to Niemietz, but it does incorporate other musical genres. As I listen to the album, I hear some jazz, blues, country and even a little gospel influence as part of the music mix." '''&mdash;David Woodson, April 12, 2019'''<ref name="DJ Dave's Musical Musings 2019"/>
== Musicians ==