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Solutions for Dreamers

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<ref name= "SBI Season2">{{cite web|last1=Kettmann|first1=Matt|title=A Concert That Cares|url=|publisher=[[wikipedia:The Santa Barbara Independent|''The Santa Barbara Independent'']]|accessdate=18 November 2014|archiveurl=|archivedate=18 November 2014|quote="Solutions for dreamers" is Oniracom’s motto. Explained Tell, "It basically means that we provide solutions for artists and people with a vision, people with a dream. And definitely environmental organizations fit into that, so it was a perfect fit when we linked with Heal the Ocean."}}</ref><ref name="Crewlab Audio">
{{cite AV media|title=CLP9: Identity, Web Presence, and Creative Marketing Campaigns, with Jacob Tell of Oniracom (Jack Johnson, Lenny Kravitz, Matisyahu)
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<ref name="AP Season 3">{{cite news|title=US WAILERS|url=|accessdate=30 November 2014|work=Legendary reggae band releases new song to fight world hunger|agency=AP Archive|issue=658912|publisher=[[wikipedia:Associated Press|''Associated Press'']]|date=20 September 2010|archiveurl=|archivedate=30 November 2014|location=New York|quote="We just pretty much did a new song called 'A Step for Mankind' for the compilation called 'Solutions for Dreamers' which is in its third season and all proceeds from it is actually towards the World Food Programme which is the largest humanitarian effort in terms of feeding people across the world."}}</ref>
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