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Whitelist YouTube Music Teaching Channels

Rick Beato has been discussing his frustration with his videos being demonitized or blocked for using small snippets of copyright music in his instructional presentations. These teachers and talkers are not re-publishing the work of others, rather, they are using the Fair Use doctrine to create a new product, keeping the music alive and introducing it to younger listeners. These videos are likely flagged by YouTube's ContentID system, or publishing administrators, or their subcontractors may be manually flagging the videos and not understanding that this is desirable content that is beneficial to the rights holders.

This page is offered as a centralized location where publishing administrators can obtain a curated list of teaching and talking YouTube channels that are, in effect, promoting their music rather than profiting from it.

How to Whitelist a YouTube Channel

In some situations, you want to prevent Content ID from claiming videos that particular users upload. For example, a movie studio might not want to claim videos on a YouTube channel that reviews (and therefore promotes) its films. You exempt a channel from your Content ID claims by adding it to a whitelist.


To have your channel evaluated for this whitelist, email with your channel url

Channel name Channel description Channel URL Channel ID / username
Rick Beato Everything music (discussion / teaching) UCJquYOG5EL82sKTfH9aMA9Q
Jon MacLennan Guitar instruction jonmaclennan
Marty Music Guitar instruction UCmnlTWVJysjWPFiZhQ5uudg