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Graveyard Shift Limited Edition
Cover art for (Stephen King's) Graveyard Shift Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks
ReleasedOctober 13, 2020 (2020-10-13)
StudioSonar Productions - Hollywood, CA
Genrefilm score / horror, suspense
LabelLa-La Land Records - Paramount Pictures
ProducerDan Goldwasser
Limited edition, 1000 CDs

"Graveyard Shift (1990) - Trailer HD 1080p"

La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly presents the original motion picture score to the 1990 Paramount Pictures big-screen horror chiller STEPHEN KING’S GRAVEYARD SHIFT, starring David Andrews, Kelly Wolf and Brad Dourif, and directed by Ralph S. Singleton. Composers Anthony Marinelli and Brian Banks (NICE GIRLS DON’T EXPLODE, YOUNG GUNS, INTERNAL AFFAIRS) unleash a wildly inventive, ahead-of-its-time electronic musicscape that engulfs the listener in a subterranean bed of atmospheric terror. Vocals and trumpet blend thrillingly into the mix, resulting in a striking and experimental score that is pitch-perfect for this underrated genre film, which has now achieved bonafide cult status. This album presentation also features alternate bonus tracks, including the film’s trailer music composed and performed by John Beal. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this limited edition CD release of 1000 units showcases in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger that take you behind the film and its score, featuring new comments from the composers and director Ralph S. Singleton. The wonderfully sinister art design is by Goldwasser.

Graveyard Shift: Limited Edition (soundtrack)

  • Released: 2020
  • Format: "LP/CD"
  • Label: La-La Land Records & Paramount
  • Producer: Dan Goldwasser
1."Prologue / Main Title"A.Marinelli, B.Banks8:09
2."Pumping the Rats* / Hall Waits / Health Inspector" (* not in film)A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:54
3."Kelly and the Exterminator**" (** contains material not in film)A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:12
4."V.C. Rats – Part 1 1:42"A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:42
5."V.C. Rats – Part 2"A.Marinelli, B.Banks4:12
6."Stevenson’s Death"A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:51
7."Carmichael’s Red Herring"A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:56
8."Nardello and the Caddy"A.Marinelli, B.Banks2:21
9."Hall’s Red Herring"A.Marinelli, B.Banks1:59
10."Hall Recruited / Nardello Gets the Chomp"A.Marinelli, B.Banks3:18
11."Rats in the Desk / Ippeston Fired"A.Marinelli, B.Banks2:16
12."Exterminator Exterminated"A.Marinelli, B.Banks3:10
13."Hall Finds Trap Door / The Sub-Basement"A.Marinelli, B.Banks18:48
14."Hall Climbs to Safety** / Flying Cans** / Ground Bat**" (** contains material not in film)A.Marinelli, B.Banks4:59
15."End Credits (instrumental)"A.Marinelli, B.Banks3:29
16."Prologue / Main Title (alternate)" (Bonus track)A.Marinelli, B.Banks7:58
17."End Credits (alternate instrumental)" (Bonus track)A.Marinelli, B.Banks3:40
18."Graveyard Shift Trailer" (Bonus track)Composed and Performed by John Beal1:30


    Graveyard Shift: Limited Edition

Music by:Anthony Marinelli and Brian Banks


   * Guitar: Dean Parks
   * Trumpet: Oscar Brashear
   * Trumpet: Luis Conte
   * Bones: Vinnie Colaiuta
   * Vocals: Carmen Twillie
   * Vocals: Donna Davidson
   * Vocals: Beth Anderson
   * Vocals: Gigi Worth
   * Synclavier Digital System: Anthony Marinelli
   * Synclavier Digital System: Brian Banks

Film Trailer

   * Film Trailer Music Composed and Performed By: John Beal (Opus Pocus Music Publishing)
   * Film Trailer Music Mixing: Jim Hill


   * Music Composed and Produced By: Anthony Marinelli and Brian Banks
   * Music Recorded and Mixed By: Mark Curry
   * Soundtrack Album Coordinator: Michael Murphy
   * Digital Transfers: Tal Miller (Next Generation Audio)
   * Album Mastered By: James Nelson (Digital Outland)
   * Art Direction By: Dan Goldwasser (Warm Butter Design)
   * Photography: Anthony Marinelli and Ralph S. Singleton
   * Production Assistance: Frank K. DeWald and Neil S. Bulk
   * Album Producer: Dan Goldwasser (La-La Land Records)
   * Executive Producers: MV Gerhard and Matt Verboys (La-La Land Records)
   * Executive Producer: Randy Spendlove (Paramount Pictures)
  • Special Thanks:
Anthony Marinelli, Brian Banks, Ralph S. Singleton, John Beal, Justin Beahm, Beau Bonetti, Jeffery Miller, Lonnie Sill, Elizabeth Youle and Andie Childs
  • Paramound Pictures Thanks:
Lilly Bennett, Mary Jo Braun, Dan Butler, Sheryl Carlin, Dina Durant, Adam Ehrlich, Robert Gasper, Tina Kiehl, Annia Killelea, Elizabeth Kirkscey, Liz McNicoll, Vanessa Palmer, Kim Seiniger, Areli Quirarte, David Sooc, Laura Thornburg, Maddy Van Remortel, Megan Walla, Jonathan Wiess and Dony West.

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