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Teen Witch the Musical front cover art

Teen Witch the Musical (2007) soundtrack album was released as a precursor to a Broadway-bound musical, based upon the ongoing popularity of the musical offerings of the film, Teen Witch (1989).

Teen Witch (1989) experienced decades of renewed interest, with television reruns, inclusion on a legacy list of Halloween television programming and with midnight theater screenings becoming social events. The movie's musical producers, Grammy Award winner, Tom Weir and New Music Weekly editor, Larry Weir, became interested in releasing the movie soundtrack, but after more than a decade had passed, the original multi track master tapes were unavailable.

The musical

With disappointing box-office returns from Teen Witch, the master audio tapes were lost by the time that demand for a soundtrack release had become apparent.[1] Thanks to cable television rebroadcasts, the film was drawing midnight theater audiences. Alana Lambros suggested that Teen Witch should be adapted for the stage.[2] In contrast to the film production, the actors would also be required to sing their respective musical numbers in a theatre production and appear to be high school students, eighteen years after the film release. Some fans resisted the re-casting[3]

  • The stage-play was read before an audience in dress rehearsal, but did not make it to production.

The Cast

With royalty checks rolling in from cable television screenings of the movie, the stage-play went into workshop with three planned versions of Teen Witch the Musical. The first version would be a concert venue, followed by a theme-park version for Universal Studios and then a Los Angeles premiere with Broadway aspirations.[2]

Featured Artists

  • Alycia Adler as Randa (Cheerleader)
  • Bryce Blue as Rhet
  • Blake Ewing as Brad Powell
  • Ashley Crowe as Madame Serena
  • Monet Lerner as Darcy (Cheerleader)
  • Tessa Ludwick as Phoebe (Cheerleader)
  • Lauren Patten as Polly
  • Sara Niemietz as Louise Miller
  • Heather Youmans as Shana the Rock Star
  • V-Style as rapper[6]
Track listing: Teen Witch the Musical (2007)
Bold typeface denotes bonus track
No.TitleWriter(s)Vocalist(s) & MusiciansLength
1."Finest Hour"Larry Weir, Cindy ValentineSara Niemietz, Blake Ewing 4:06
2."It's Never Gonna Be The Same Again"Larry Weir, Cindy ValentineHeather Youmans 3:51
3."Dream Lover"Larry Weir, Cathy CarSara Niemietz 4:06
4."High School Blues"Larry Weir, Tom WeirBryce Blue, V-Style 2:03
5."I Like Boys"Larry Weir, Theresa Weir, Maria Weir, Tom Weir, Estella WeirAlycia Adler, Monet Lerner, Tessa Ludwick 2:44
6."I Keep On Falling"Larry WeirBlake Ewing 3:48
7."Shame"Larry WeirMonet Lerner, Tessa Ludwick, Alycia Adler 3:59
8."She's Put A Spell On You"Larry WeirAshley Crowe 3:16
9."Popular Girl"Larry WeirSara Niemietz, V-Style 4:05
10."Top That"Larry WeirLauren Patton, Bryce Blue, V-Style 2:53
11."Fool For Love"Larry WeirBlake Ewing 3:45
12."What Are You Doing About Love?"Larry WeirSara Niemietz 3:41
13."Get Up & Move"Larry Weir, Cathy CarHeather Youmans 3:24
14."Finest Hour - Instrumental"Larry Weir, Cindy Valentine1:45


  • Heday Ikumo, String arrangements
  • Anna Stafford, First violin
  • Eric Wuest, First violin
  • Alexander Tseitlin, First violin
  • Yohei Nakamiya, Second violin
  • Joyce Leonard, Second violin
  • Leah Nelson, Viola
  • Tyler Hokanson, Viola
  • Alisha Bauer, Cello
  • Ginger Murphy, Cello
  • Wikipedia:Tim Pierce, Guitars
  • Andrew Doolittle, Guitars
  • Lance Morrisson, Bass
  • Paul Bushnell, Bass
  • Wikipedia:Josh Freese, Drums
  • Wikipedia:Matt Laug, Drums
  • Burleigh Drummond, Percussion
  • Wikipedia:Luis Conte, Percussion
  • Michael Parnell, Keyboards and programming
  • Shirley To, Keyboards and programming
  • Larry Weir, Keyboards and programming
  • Tom Weir, Keyboards and programming
  • Nick Lane, Brass Arrangement
  • Nick Lane, Trombone
  • Steve Madaio, Trumpet
  • Gabe Johnson, Trumpet
  • Wikipedia:Chris Mostert, Saxophone
  • Jean Roth-Marinelli, French Horn
  • Bernie Barlow Vocals
  • London Jones, Vocals
  • Melissa Reese, Vocals
  • Larry Weir, Vocals[7][8]


  • Larry Weir, Producer, Programming
  • Tom Weir, Producer, Programming, Recording, Mixing
  • Amy Shiotani, Art Direction
  • Maree Sanders, Photography
  • Masika Swain, Photography
  • Cindy Valentine, Lyricist
  • Estelle Weir, Lyricist
  • Larry Weir, Lyricist
  • Maria Weir, Lyricist
  • Michael Damian Weir, Lyricist
  • Theresa Weir, Lyricist
  • Tom Weir, Lyricist
  • Catherine Marie Wight, Lyricist
  • Scott Carroll, Engineer
  • David Furuya, Engineer
  • Chris Loken, Engineer
  • Nigel Lundemo, Engineer
  • Ramin Mirespassi, Engineer
  • Luke Tozour, Engineer
  • Adam Winchell, Engineer[8]

Special thanks to Estelle Harrison, Maria 'Mom' Weir, Masika Swain, and Alana Lambros.[9]


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