Open main menu was created due to a Catch 22 situation at Wikipedia.

In a nutshell, is a private wiki for the cultivation articles and a place to allow topic articles to "incubate" until they might become ready for the Wikipedia. uses the same "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike" license as other WikiMedia sites, so the content found here may be well suited and already formatted for a Wikipedia article.



Organizations and products became unwelcome there, learning the policies and guidelines meant nothing because like the rest of Wikipedia, anybody can edit the guidelines to suit the position du jour. I originally became involved in the biographies of living persons sections in 2012, the subjects of the biographies were not supposed to edit their own biographies, even if they were inaccurate or poorly written.

As the great recession refused to subside, I was beginning to get referral inquiries and the MediaWiki Foundation posted new rules concerning paid editing at "Terms of Use#4. Refraining from Certain Activities" in 2014. These terms seemed reasonable enough so I took on some paid articles, mostly cleaning up inaccurate biographies. Because Wikipedia does not allow more than one editing account, the "volunteer" editors stalked both my paid work and my volunteer work making up new rules along the way. To this day, some six years after the fact, the Wikipedia is not in compliance with the Foundation's Terms of Use regarding paid editing. (See "1.15 Can a local project adopt an alternative disclosure policy for paid editing?") is not a "platform" it is a "publisher", there are no volunteer editors here and our friends and clients (sans unauthorized hackers) will not be attacked by drive-by trolls which are too often found on the Wikipedia. One of the many downsides to Wikipedia is that it is an open attack platform, enemies and competitors are free to attempt reputation assignation at any given time.

Disclosure: has relationships, sometimes paid, with all of its subjects. Our opinions are our own and as such, there is nothing unfair or deceptive about our editing, we simply seek the same exposure that is denied to our friends and clients on Wikipedia. For those who hold opposing opinions, they are free to download their own copy of the free to use MediaWiki software and express those opinions on their own platform.

Search Engine Optimization employs style structured data, in addition to the legacy structured data built-in to the Wikimedia software. We don't enjoy the vast readership compared to Wikipedia, but our articles often surface in long tail search in a business friendly format.

About Us

I purchased my first computer in 1986. With a 4 unit night school course in accounting and the help of the SuperCalc spreadsheet, I was able to integrate my IBM PC Jr. into my construction business. In the early 1990s, I became certified in Novell NetWare (3.x) and Microsoft NT Server 4 (Server and Enterprise Server). My employer hired me en-route to a bachelors degree, as I completed an Associate's of Science in Information Systems. My job duties included setting up modem to modem networks for a mortgage credit agency, bringing Internet and email to the Los Angeles Immunization Program, desktop support for JPL and DoD scientists and database integration for the California Department of Insurance CLO department.

In 2000, I became interested in browser security and did a deep dive into Microsoft's Internet Explorer. I offered software to mitigate the vulnerabilities that javascript introduced into the browser, but I quickly found out that nobody pays for software -- they expect it to be free. During the 2001-03 recession, I made the Dean's List while taking certificate courses in Oracle 9i (8 units), SQL Programming (8 units) and Visual Basic Programming (9 units). It was about this time that the Wikipedia was founded, I was interested in the project but did not get involved until I found an interesting subject who agreed to work with me in 2012.

While I was directly involved with Wikipedia editing (2012-16), Google's Freebase (2007-14) was being ported over to Wikidata (2012) and the (2011) project was gaining foothold. I attempted to discuss the colossal failure of the paid-editing guidance with Foundation lawyers, their advice was to start my own wiki.

Today, I specialize in people who create, people who produce and the products they bring to market, with a specialty in the music industry. Initially, we work on getting YouTube channels certified, Google Knowledge Graph panels claimed, structured data for their websites and getting their catalogs listed in MusicBrainz and AllMusic among others. From there, we do our best to get their music and live events noticed on the internet and social media.

I can be contacted at