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ContentBridge Digital Rights Management
FounderJason Peterson
ProductsContent Management Software Systems
ServicesDigital Rights Management

ContentBridge (Content Bridge LLC) is a supply chain management (SCM), digital rights management (DRM), and encoding software provider for the entertainment industry.[1]

ContentBridge software was designed and developed for the film, recorded music and music publishing sectors.[2] Content Bridge LLC was launched as a GDMG subsidiary entity in 2010, introduced as " Software as a service" (SaaS) in 2011, and signed an exclusive supply-chain management deal with GoDigital in July 2012.[3] ContentBridge 2.0 Beta was unveiled in May 2013 and announced plans for a multicloud distribution solution using Equinix, Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA), in April 2016.[4]

The software can be divided into components for adaptability to split-rights situations[1] and for different deliverable and receivable requirements, such as language localization, media content formats|, date-sensitive release coordination (Windowing) and royalty accounting.[2][5] Both WYSIWYG web-interface and Application programming interface (API) versions are available.[6] Approved encoding relationships include iTunes, Vudu, Dish Network, PlayStation Store, Comcast, and iN DEMAND.[7]

Welcome to Content Bridge

Content Bridge was awarded the 2014 Industry Leadership Digital Award (Digi Award) in recognition of its unique software support for the EMA, SMPTE Interoperable Master Package (IMP), CableLabs and UltraViolet digital supply chain standards.[8][9]


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