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Available inChinese (traditional), Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, English
Founder(s)Seth Ingram - Brian Kupchik
PresidentJim Selby
CEOJason Peterson
Key peopleJay Winship (COO)
Servicesmonetization monitoring
DivisionsMilan, Panama City, Taiwan
Native client(s) onYouTube , Facebook

AdShare is a monetization and monitoring service for entertainment industry rights-holders.[2] Providing services to Naxos of America, Inc., since 2008,[1] AdShare leverages the ContentBridge management platform catalog the clients media and metadata and the content is checked for common errors that prevent monitization. AdShare's "Hawk" technology (Fast Audio Matching) identifies an average 40% of YouTube content that otherwise goes unidentified.[3]

AdShare's engineers partnered with the University of Southern California, Media Communications Laboratory, to further develop Fast Audio Matching (FAM) technology in 2014.[4] Using as little as a 15 second audio sample, FAM identifies and provides a confidence scale of 1 to N (N being a perfect match). On the USC team: Ph.D. students Harshad Kadu and Jian Li and the project was led by Professor C.C. Jay Kuo, Dean’s Professor of Electrical Engineering – Systems.[4][2] Funding was provided by GoDigital Media Group.[5]

Vocalist, Jay Chou and his JVR Music label, signed with Adshare in April 2016.[6] Adshare will monitor otherwise overlooked revenue streams and recover residuals with its HAWK technology.[3]


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