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I once heard a CEO say, "If they don't have a Wikipedia article, I'm not willing to deal with them."

Tragically, the Wikipedia is no longer friendly to for-profit ventures.


We are editors, frustrated with the Wikipedia's consensus driven decision making and special interest cabals. With the take-down of Google's FreeBase database, Wikipedia and Wikidata have become a primary source for search engine inclusion. Sadly, short "stub" articles about subjects are no longer welcome on the Wikipedia and paid-editors are treated like pariahs.

Who are producers?

In the context of this Wiki, we would like to focus on the Entertainment and Knowledge Industry's personnel, products and services. We are primarily interested in the risk-takers and key personnel.

Subjects of interest:

  • Film, television, radio, internet, cable...
  • Books, recordings, software, games...
  • Supporting awards organizations, publishers and reviewers, agents and PR organizations...

Subject of special interest:

  • Details about copyright, proper usage, management and managers....

Who am I?

I'm a self-employed consultant with a database background, which has grown to include Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

My four years experience on the Wikipedia, first as a volunteer and then as a paid-editor, provided insight into the associative properties of these Wiki(s). Internet search is no longer a matter of engineering content on a webpage and manipulating backlinks. Search engines now also present results that are related to the searcher's query.

What is a for profit venture providing a platform for producers to present their attributes in an encyclopedic format.


At present, this Wiki is only available in English.


Due to the now excessive notability requirements at Wikipedia, conflicting policies and arbitrary guidelines, many good articles are rejected and others deleted. We would like to provide a home for these subjects and hope that they mature into articles which are accepted into the Wikipedia.


The "why" of the matter is that Wikipedia no longer welcomes the emerging subjects and for-profit topics on their platform. In most cases, the history of these subjects are their stock in trade and that history needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

On our platform, subjects are welcome to publish and maintain their own articles (considered verboten on Wikipedia) and enlist the help of professional editors if they prefer to maintain a layer of editorial separation.